Ilja Janitskin is a Finnish journalist and editor-in-chief and founder of the most popular Finnish-language independent media “MV-lehti”. He has a Russian father and a Finnish mother; he was born in Finland in 1977 and is a Finnish citizen.

Since August 2014, Janitskin, who lives in Spain, has edited “MV-lehti”, which is critical towards Finnish establishment and politics of the EU and NATO. During three years, “MV-lehti” became extremely popular among Finns and the enemy no. 1 of the Finnish establishment. Most Finns are reading “MV-lehti” and it has strong influence on Finnish society and elections.

Soon, the Finnish establishment launched a harsh governmental witch-hunt against the Journalist Janitskin and his “MV-lehti”. First, the main political parties of Finland demanded to close down “MV-lehti” and launched a harsh pressure campaign against the Finnish law enforcement via the mainstream Finnish media. As a result, the Finnish police appealed to public to file crime cases against the Journalist and his “MV-lehti”. Soon, the Finnish police informed of invesigations concerning about 50 crime cases against the Journalist, all of them for minor violations, such as defamation or copyright infringement.

Under political pressure, the Helsinki court detained the Journalist in absentia in autumn 2016, and the Finnish minister of transport and communications Mrs. Anne Berner now demands the Journalist’s extradition to Finland. The Finnish law enforcement states that they want only to interrogate the Journalist, while he has no convictions nor is he prosecuted.

The Journalist was arrested in Barcelona in autumn 2016 but soon released. He was arrested again in Andorra in July 2017, when the Finnish police informed the Interpol that the Journalist is an international criminal, accusing him of genocide or war crimes, and should be detained within the framework of “Project Basic” of Interpol. The Journalists’ lawyers say he can anytime be easily interrogated in Andorra or Spain and that all accusations against him are politically motivated and fabricated and that his life and health is in serious danger. The Journalist is suffering of cancer and he was operated immediately after his arrest.

The only “crime” of the Journalist is that he is a very successful journalist and he created the most popular publication in the history of Finnish journalism. To put it shortly, the Journalist is a target of a hybrid war operation carried out by NATO agents.