The Finnish government accuses the Journalist of the following crimes, without jurisdiction, because all alleged crimes were carried out in Spain not Finland:


– Defamation; because “MV-lehti” is criticizing Finnish politicians and the establishment members and sometimes revealing their criminal convictions. However, according to the Finnish law, criticism in politics is not defamation.


– Copyright infringement; because “MV-lehti” has quoted Finnish mainstream media. The Finnish major media corporations have sued Janitskin and demanded his prosecution because these quotations are allegedly too long.


– Incitement of ethnic hatred; because “MV-lehti” is revealing serious crimes committed by immigrants and is criticising immigration policy of Finland. In Finland any person who criticises immigrants or immigration policy can be investigated on this crime.


– Illegal gambling; because “MV-lehti” website has published a casino gadget.


– Illegal collection of money; because “MV-lehti” is collecting funds from the public and because the jailed journalist Janitskin is collecting money for his legal costs.


– Illegal threat; because some Finnish politicians have said they have been frightened because of the criticism in “MV-lehti”. However, the publication does not contain any threats towards anybody.


– Secrecy offence; because Janitskin has told publicly about his process, which is declared secret by the Finnish government.


In addition, Finnish government is officially accusing the Journalist of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, by demanding to extradite him within the framework of Interpol “Project Basic”. This fact is documented in the official arrest warrant of the Finnish law enforcement.