The Journalist is jailed, because the Finnish establishment wants to close his mouth and his publication “MV-lehti”, which has become very popular among Finns, and has strong influence on Finnish politics and elections. On this basis, under political pressure, the Finnish police launched about 50 criminal investigations. Since the Journalist lived and worked in Spain, the Helsinki court jailed him in absentia under political pressure. In summer 2017, the Finnish police demanded Interpol to arrest the Journalist, accusing him of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, within the “Project Basic” of Interpol. However, the jailed Journalist has not been convicted nor prosecuted of any crimes, he is officially a suspect of only minor violations, all of which are fabricated on political basis by Finnish government. In Finland, the jailed Journalist has no possibility of fair trial. He is already accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, although, he is not prosecuted on these crimes, and there is no enough evidence of any prosecution nor conviction against him. According to Finnish legal experts, he might receive a minor fine of the violations he is suspected of, i.e. defamation or violations of copyright law. The main goal of the Finnish government is to persecute him and destroy him. To put it shortly, the Journalist is a target of a hybrid war operation carried out by NATO agents.